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Always call us to follow up on your inquiry. If URGENT / Life Threatening call 888-211-1812 extension 300. Otherwise, if this is a routine request for general information or a media inquiry, please call our business office 402-309-7665 extension 100 Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 5:00pm for assistance.

URGENT / EMERGENCY  (Life Threatening)
CALL: 888-211-1812 Ext. 300
ROUTINE  (Non Life Threatening)
CALL: 402-309-7665 Ext. 100 (Business Days)
  • Aerial Reconnaissance / Imagery
  • Counter Drug Assistance
  • Disaster Event / Damage Assessment
  • Emergency Transport: human blood, tissue,  organs, search dog teams, law enforcement
  • Fire Spotting
  • Homeland Security Event
  • Searches (Missing Persons / Aircraft)
  • Non-Urgent CAP Support Inquires
  • General CAP Information
  • Membership Information
  • Media Inquiries

Media Inquiries and Business Office

Our administrative offices are located at the Fremont, NE Airport:
Nebraska Civil Air Patrol
1201 W 23rd St. 
Fremont, NE 68025

Mailing Address:
PO Box 1321
Fremont, NE

Phone: 402-727-4649

Please utilize the above contact information for media inquiries.

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Please fill out this contact form and submit. After submitting the form call us (see next section below “Call Us”). Please follow this guidance when completing the form:

  • General Information and Membership: Select Subject “Request For General Information”, click “Non-Applicable” for Urgency and Billing information fields, fill in all other remaining fields and submit.
  • CAP Assistance Request: Select Subject “CAP Assistance Request”; fill in all fields and submit.

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