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Volunteer – You Can Make a Difference

Without volunteers, there would be no Civil Air Patrol. When you become a Civil Air Patrol volunteer, you join a family of citizens with a shared desire to give back to communities; helping others. Often in return, volunteers find fulfillment, satisfaction, a sense of belonging, and pride.

We always have a variety of opportunities available from administrative to technical to meet your talents, interests and availability. Our goal is to match you with an opportunity that best suits you. Some opportunities are in continuous demand and listed below. In exchange, we’ll provide you the training you need, opportunities to apply your skills, and the meaningful experiences giving back to communities throughout Nebraska.

Continuous Demand Volunteer Opportunities:

Location Opportunity Duties Pre-Requisites Helpful Background

All Locations


Non-denominational faith and moral leadership

Undergraduate Degree

Current/Previous Pastor/Clergy Leadership

All Locations

Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Officers

Mitigate the psychological impact of a traumatic events

Licensed Mental Health Professional

Past or Present CISM Experience

All Locations

Information System Technicians and Webmasters

Load/Configure/Repair PCs and software and update websites

None. CAP provides specialty skill training.

Helpdesk, LAN or IT Technician, Intern, or webmaster

All Locations


Fly CAP Aircraft for Search/ Rescue and Transport Missions

FAA Licensed Pilot

Glass Cockpit Experience

All Locations

Radio Operators

Operate Radio Equipment for CAP Mission Communications

None. CAP provides specialty skill training.

Amateur, Commercial, or Military Radio Operator

All Locations

Youth Educators/ Instructors /Mentors

Diverse Adult Leadership:
- Keep cadets safe during CAP activities
- Educate and mentor  cadet achievements
- Formulate, schedule, oversee cadet activities

None. CAP provides specialty skill training.

Past or present youth or school programs involvement or educator

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